Sports Injury or Pain? Read This!

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Let’s face it, pain and injuries from playing sports or living an active life are inevitable. So how do you fix your pain and injuries for good, and continue the activities you love?

The first step is to pay close attention to how long you have been feeling symptoms after the injury. This provides insight into how much better your injury will get on its own, or if you will need expert help. If after a couple days you don’t feel better, it’s time to see someone.

The longer your symptoms stick around, the less likely it is that your injury will fully heal on its own. If left untreated, nagging injuries can continue to get worse, and lead to chronic (long standing) problems. This is a big problem because chronic muscle, nerve, and joint issues put you on the fast track to early arthritis and degeneration.

So if it’s time to see someone, who do you look to for help?

Your first step is to search for a conservative care provider. Someone who can provide safe, effective, and lasting treatments with very little side effects. Conservative care providers most commonly include chiropractors and physical therapists. Even more specifically, find a musculoskeletal expert trained in biomechanics and human movement. These doctors are the most certified to handle muscle, nerve, and joint problems. Integrative Diagnosis providers in your town are the most qualified to help with your pain and sports injury.

Injuries are predictable, preventable, and identifiable by measuring your flexibility and strength. Seeing a doctor certified to do this is imperative for your recovery. If you feel any symptoms (tightness or tension, weakness, burning, tingling, numbness, shooting pain, sharp pain, aches) it is past the point where you can fix the injury on your own.

Once an injury happens, the likelihood of re-injury goes up substantially. If left untreated, your problem will only get worse over time. If not taken seriously, invasive surgeries could end up being the only option for you. Surgeries have more risks and should be avoided if possible. The earlier you get your injuries looked at, the better the chances of the problem being fixed.

At Apollo Soft Tissue and Spine, our chiropractors are soft tissue specialists and biomechanics experts. We diagnose and effectively treat complex, difficult problems other doctors and therapists can’t resolve. Our doctors are 2 of only 3 Integrative Diagnosis providers in Denver certified to fix your pain and injuries. We are here to help when you need it.

For results with your pain and injuries, call the Apollo soft tissue specialists today at (720) 795-4873.

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June 21, 2022